I am not my skin.

It’s 2017 ladies and gentleman! Oh yeah! In 2017 people set goals and plan on accomplishing things they want as the new year begins. Like most resolutions people want to lose weight, save more, etc. This year I just have one goal, one mission to accomplish, and this year it’s going to stop! I’m going to try my very hardest and those who are like me will understand (and the more you read the more you’ll understand what I mean by that last statement). So just keep reading. 🙂

My resolution is slightly different and its actually not even a resolution..lol. It’s actually just one simple request. What I’m about to say most women will agree with me, so please pay attention. In 2017 my soul mission is to NOT HEAR, anyone, males mainly but females too address me by my skin color; or reference it in any context.Unless you’re telling me I have clear skin or something lol. If we’re friends or not, if I’ve known you for 5 minutes or my whole 25 years on this earth, can we just not? Thanks, I would so appreciate it! I just find it extremely annoying.

I don’t want to hear, “It’s because you’re light skin you don’t text back or not fast enough, you’re light skin so you automatically attract the opposite sex, hey red-bone/light bright, are your eyes real?, are you’re latina?, you’re so yellow, you’re so pretty because you’re light skin, you don’t need make up because you’re light skin, you think you’re better than everyone because your light skin, you have permanent RBF(resting b**** face). I can literally write forever about everything I supposedly have, can do, or am because of my skin color.

I just wish it would stop. Stop with the stigmas. I know most are joking when they reference my skin tone. It’s not that the jokes not funny anymore, well actually, its not lol but the bigger issue for me is, why does my skin color have to define these things? I don’t address any male or female by their skin color, shape, or stereotypical stereotype. I just don’t think its needed. The way I want 2017 to be and not everyone may agree with me is, can we just ditch the stereotypes. Let’s win together. Let’s not have silly stereotypes of ANY skin color. Let’s just be great without acknowledging skin tone, it’s irrelevant. I am not my skin, and anyone reading this shouldn’t be defined or stereotyped by there skin tone either.


I hope everyone has a prosperous 2017!

Published by Jordan

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I love to read and write. I started this blog to hone my craft of writing and to discuss different topics pertaining to my life! I am self-published, "Pieces of Me: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories." I truly believe writing is an outlet for people to express how they feel, and hopefully when you read what I've written you'll be inspired.

2 thoughts on “I am not my skin.

  1. *claps hands! I love how this wasn’t about race lol but the stereotypes brought onto you based off of your complexion. I definitely understand how annoying that can be! Like, “your pretty for a dark skinned girl.” I don’t think they will stop but i do think in time they will decrease. There’s a lot of self love going around so soon…hopefully.

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