To The Regina Georges Of The World…



So….mean girls by definition to me..are sad. Not sad in the sense like, “whoa is me” but they want others to feel their pain. Sad in a sense where they want everyone to always stoop down to their level. Sad in a sense where they are so miserable that they can’t help  but just be mean and miserable. Actually I want to rephrase that, they chose to be mean/miserable. Their actions and attitude affect how they treat people and it usually results in someone like me, cutting them off… and not right away. It takes me a minute to see how the actions y’all display aren’t in my best interest to help me flourish/and our friendship.

I’ve experienced more than one mean girl, and I’m over y’all. Just a quick mini rant, as per usual, I’m the nicest/kind-hearted/self-less individual any person could have in a friend like me. I understand sometimes people aren’t always aware of their actions.. but it can’t be every time. Or even, if I’m telling you what you said bothered me you should be able to correct your behavior so we can move forward.

I really do feel bad for you Regina George. Your insecurities, and your life experiences have made you mean. It’s not fair to me. Whatever you have going on, good or bad, doesn’t give you the right to just treat people how you want to treat people. Someone should’ve told you about your behavior years ago.  It truly does boggle my mind that someone could have been through so much heart ache that they internalize all this hurt and anger. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that every time you encounter someone you’re mean, but the few occasions you’ve spewed your hatred, it’s been at an unnecessary time and it could’ve been prevented.

I’m the friend that likes to talk things out, when both parties are calm and not hot-headed. Trust me I can be like you, but the difference with me is that I have a heart and I truly feel bad when I am mean to someone. My mother has always said I’m the most forgiving person, but I cannot excuse or let you just treat me any kind of way. I don’t understand how I can go through traumatic things in my life and not be like you Regina.

Regina, I wish you the best. There aren’t any hard feelings on my end. When I see you if I see you I’ll speak but I am not going to entertain you any longer. Our relationship has sizzled away and I do not care nor do I feel sorry for the actions you’ve continuously displayed. Good luck in all your future endeavors. I will no longer entertain your sad sad attitude. You do not get an invitation to be part of my life anymore.

original mean girl gif 2

Published by Jordan

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