Confession Time

confession timeSo… I have a confession to make. I have this idea that poetry is supposed to rhyme. People always ask me, “How long have you been writing?” or “What made you write a book?” My answer is always the same. I’ve always loved to read and write ever since I was a child, so it just made sense to me to follow my dreams.

My original plan was to write children’s books, and while that’s still on my many list of things to accomplish I really started to hone in on my poetry and short stories once I got into high school. From there, things just took off for me.

Confession two, whenever I think of poetry I think of some bomb poetry slam/contest/battle. I want to be the person whose writing is so amazing that people don’t always catch the innuendo’s. I just want to be mind blowing when I spit my poetry. I understand that comes with confidence, and putting myself out there more; I’m working on it.

I’ve been reading different poetry books from some amazing authors and one day it hit me. Their writing is so simple but hold it holds so much meaning. I have a tendency to over think and I want things perfect when it comes to my work I equate poetry with big words and double meanings; and things that people have to read over and over to understand.

I’m loving this new space I’m in with my work. I can’t wait to keep sharing on all platforms. I am understanding that my poetry doesn’t have to be long and elaborate, although sometimes it is just because I feel like I haven’t gotten everything out I wanted to say. I’m loving that I’m learning to write shorter and just get to the point, plus, it’ll be easier for me to memorize :). But like Erykah Badu says, “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t.”

badu meme

Published by Jordan

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I love to read and write. I started this blog to hone my craft of writing and to discuss different topics pertaining to my life! I am self-published, "Pieces of Me: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories." I truly believe writing is an outlet for people to express how they feel, and hopefully when you read what I've written you'll be inspired.

3 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. Amazing Post!!! Go ahead..Spill your heart out.. Poetry and being a writer privelege is given to only few people..You are one of them..Write write write..keep going..Best Wishes☺💐


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