How I cope with my anxiety

Hello Fans! This post is going to be a bit different because I’ll be explaining different ways of how I cope with my anxiety. First let me start off by saying that everything I am going to mention does not always work for me all the time. I also understand that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone.

Please understand that anxiety is not something “people get over” and it’s not “not real.” Telling someone with anxiety those things is the quickest way for someone with anxiety to NEVER talk to you again about their anxiety. I promise you.


  1. I try to breath (and this usually works) to where I can control my breathing and then fall asleep. Except that one time I had an anxiety attack and I was out of work for two days (hand plant on face emoji).
  2. I listen to music and I stretch.
  3. I try to write down what may have triggered my anxiety so I can talk with my therapist about it the next time I see her. This helps as well because we can figure out together how to process my feelings.
  4. I sleep, even though this may not be the best option. I sometimes need a minute to just shut my brain down.
  5. Anxiety for me doesn’t mean I can’t be around people of large crowds, so I wouldn’t say I have social anxiety, but I will say that if I’m around a group of people no matter if it’s family or friends for an extended period I will need to separate myself for a while. I need time to decompress.
  6. I feel like at times I don’t like to repeat myself and this causes me to be anxious because I feel like the person I’m talking to is hearing me and not listening. There is a difference.
  7. At times I don’t want to always talk to someone. I need time to process and figure out what and why I’m feeling how I’m feeling.

I’ve posted some photos from a friend of mine who’s a licensed mental health therapist. His business page is @mental_health_apparel. I picked these particular photos because some not all of these are what I experience with my anxiety, and also hopefully they help you too.

anxiety symptoms diagram              anxiety skills affected

depression anxiety diagram 

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