Why not Workout?

Working out hasn’t always been a thing of mine. People assume that because I’m petite and have a slender frame that I’m “in shape.” Totally not true. I would go through spurts of working out and or stretching to get exercise and try to live a healthier lifestyle, but that desire would slowly die out. Workout over. Being in shape, over.

Being an athlete in high school was fun and exciting. I was a fencer. Yes, the sport with the swords and mask, like Zoro (insert straight face emoji). The thing were people say “En guard” which just means “get ready/go.” It wasn’t something any of my teammates or I said if rarely, it mainly came from our coaches. Anyway, I digress. High school was the last time I was probably in the “best shape of my life” (super cliche I know) lol, but it’s true.

Since COVID-19 seems to be taking an extended vacation I find that working out has helped my anxiety as well as just giving me something else to do besides eat, watch tv, talk to my homegirl Ms. Asia Michelle, or my sisters Kim and Khaleeah. Besides finding a new found hobby, thing, whatever you want to call it, I’ve been pretty consistent. I’m proud of myself. Also with the help of YouTube and my brother I’ve been feeling good. I have tried to take days off to rest but I find it just makes me want to slip back into not wanting to work out so on those days I tell myself I’ll just stretch, but I end up working out anyway. I was excited to start this new found idea of mine that I ordered a weighted ball (10 Lbs), a step ladder, a kettle bell (5 lbs) and resistance bands. If I’m being honest, whenever I worked out it was only to get abs and a plumber bottom, and while that’s still the goal lol, I find that I just want to be in shape and it’s a great feeling. I work up a nice sweat and I can start my day. Yes that means I try to workout in the morning. I’d rather not work out in the afternoon/evening because in my brain that won’t give me time to do the other leisure things I like to do.

In this new normal I hope you can find a hobby, tasks, an old past time, something to keep you busy. For me it’s been trying to work out and stay in shape.

Get moving! Get to those ideas or hobbies you’ve been putting off! We have nothing but time.

workout meme
A real life representation of me after working out. 

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