Black Cake

I loved this book. The way it was written and the trials and tribulations that the characters experienced. This book had me in a chokehold! I loved learning about the history and how the author told the story of Jamaica and the culture. What I enjoyed about the characters were how Eleanor, the mother, told the story of her past/present and how her life affected her children’s past/present and their future without them even knowing what was to come.

I’ve never seen a mother, like Eleanor love and sacrifice for her children, even though she knew she’d cause them pain. She kept so many secrets from Bennedetta and Byron, that they internalized so much pain for each other in a time when it should’ve been love; there was no way they could’ve known their mother had so many skeletons in her closet. Now, Bennedetta and Byron also had a rocky relationship, but the foundation was sealed with love. I’ve never seen a character like Byron lack compassion and assuming his sister was just not trying to hold herself accountable, but if he only knew the things she experienced is why she was the way she was. Without giving any spoilers, let’s just say, Byron spent so much time having pain towards his sister that he could’ve used that energy to help them both heal.

Reading Black Cake and the history behind the recipe, and how the author incorporated the meaning behind it, in connection with Eleanor and her children was truly one for the books…pun intended. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be on the lookout for more books by this author.

Published by Jordan

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