Communication is Key.

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while. For anyone reading, I am sorry for the delay and I hope this blog today helps, or you at least enjoy the read =). In the past couple of days, (within a week I’d say) I’ve either miscommunicated with a family member or friend; or have not been communicated too with a particular person and the situation at hand. This week has taught me to just simply communicate better with everyone, (through text, face to face) whatever. Although, sometimes texting alone can become misconstrued, I would say tread lightly, (before you get angry/feel some type of way) or simply ask the person whom you’re texting what they mean if it seems like they’re making a statement you don’t understand (something I am learning to do too).

I also feel as though communication can go hand in hand with how someone says things. I still need to work on how I say things, and honestly sometimes I feel like its how the particular person took what I said out of context, so that’s their fault for getting to emotional. (I know it’s not the right reaction to have, but I do), so don’t fault me, I’m working on it =). While I know that initial reaction is wrong, it only takes myself a split second to realize it’s not always about how I feel I need  to take into consideration the other persons feelings. No, I am not perfect, but, I can safely guess some people may have that initial reaction and never feel like they need to apologize or think they’re wrong (but that’s a whole different blog for a different day). I’m not saying I need to tip-toe around a conversation or for whomever reading this needs too, but taking into consideration how someone may feel/how they will react to what you say, can save a whole lot of unnecessary arguments and unneeded emotions.

Lastly, I would suggest whether it is through texting or a face to face conversation don’t be quick to jump to the defensive side/ or get angry. Something I definitely am working on! It is hard, but I think sometimes when people feel I am becoming defensive, they do not understand I am just simply trying to have a conversation, like a mature adult..who wants to argue all the time anyway? I sure don’t. Take the time to simply communicate. Don’t over-talk, cut-off, or assume. Let your side be heard, and the other parties. Hopefully there would be some agreement, if not you could simply disagree, and be glad the air has been cleared, and the conversation doesn’t need to be brought up again.

Communicating is big, because if someone doesn’t know you have an issue with them, or a particular situation at hand they wont know something is bothering you. Talk it out when you’re ready, and hopefully the other party will understand. But keeping things in, or not fully explaining can open up a whole different can of worms that doesn’t need to be.

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Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I love to read and write. I started this blog to hone my craft of writing and to discuss different topics pertaining to my life! I am self-published, "Pieces of Me: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories." I truly believe writing is an outlet for people to express how they feel, and hopefully when you read what I've written you'll be inspired.

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