Oh The Joys Of Retail

So today, I had work from 9-2 PM, well at least that was the plan. While waiting for my manager to arrive I was listening to the mall music and watching the early morning mall walkers get their daily exercises; shortly after we finally made it inside the retail store I work in. After doing my daily morning duties, I was prepared to go to the bank like usual to drop the deposit with my manager, but that was shortly thwarted because the terminix man showed up. Yesterday, we had some ants come and visit, (and apparently another manager knew about these creatures but never informed anyone else), but that is neither here nor there at this point. So with the help of the terminix man the ants were gone and my manager and I were prepared to open the doors. My manager informs me she couldn’t send our District Manager any emails because the computer systems were down. So I figured they would reboot themselves or just up and work upon us opening the doors for business. Usually with the bad weather our computers end up not working anyway, and because construction is going on at the mall I figured that played a factor too. I grab our walkies, turn on the music, and slide a key around my wrist with the intentions of greeting customers and having a great day. But then, more unfortunate news occurred.

As customers start to arrive I notice that our phones are still down and our computers are not letting customers swipe their cards. So now my manager and I must hold all the items the customers want to purchase and inform them once our systems are back up and running that we will give them a call to come back and purchase their merchandise. Luckily, cash was being accepted, but now a days just about everyone carries plastic. So after about an hour, our systems were finally up and running. My manager wasn’t stressed out and I was able to assist and ring customers purchases. Besides making customers happy, you know what the best part about my day was? I was able to go home early. There were enough people coming into work, and because the first hour of our segment was a flop there was no need to keep me. Although today was annoying but out of my and my managers hands I was able to have a good day, make it home safe because it had stopped raining, and write my first blog.

So what do you think?